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Explore how food impacts on family life

Explore how food impacts on family life

Up to 2,250 words choose a Topic we have studied and discuss the impact this issue has had on family life

Examples of essay tittle

Explore how food impacts on family life

Explore how trauma impacts on Family Life

Explore how mental health impacts on Family life

I want you to use this sentence and insert the chosen topic Explore how… impacts on family life.

In place of the dots you can choose -cultural differences, trauma, food, sexuality, adoption, mental distress, mental health, attachment, criminality, intergenerational transmission of trauma, old age, politics, and any other topic but check it out with me)

Model outline for the essay on the module:

For example the model essay I am choosing is trauma so

1) Introduction -I would say/ argue that studying trauma has shown how the environment and interpersonal upheaval can have determining impact on family life, break up the family habitual way of life, shared meaning and sense of belonging, create mental disturbance and is therefore key to understanding emotional disturbances in familial relations

2) In the next paragraph after the introduction, you need to define the Family and  define trauma –For a definition of the family I would say there are different kinds of family and historically the family has changed, I would question there is an ideal family and challenge conventional stereotypes of the family, however choose a definition you can work with.

3) I choose a general intro to trauma, then a Freud and then Attachment definition and say I go with attachment and why I chose this. So I have chosen a genera definition, then Freud and then Bowlby and attachment.

3 ) then I give examples of how trauma impacts on family life

4) examples from natural disaster  –arguably are different from let us say a war crisis, because from an attachment perspective the crisis in human relations that war brings is potentially more disturbing because it relates to a breakdown of affiliative relations altogether and define why this is more traumatic .

I take an example of a war zone trauma -the Nazi and Jewish onslaught

5) Refer to intergenerational transmission and impact family life and future generations

6)  Refer to effects on individual development

7) sum up and conclude how helped understand disruption and family breakdown and by understanding can address ways of dealing with crisis and developing preventive measures



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Explore how food impacts on family life Explore how food impacts on family life
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