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Explain the requirements gathering process and the assumptions made about the company, the buildings, and other parameters of the


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Explain the requirements gathering process and the assumptions made about the company, the buildings, and other parameters of the problem. If necessary provide diagrams such as floor plans.


The Yotsuba Group (YG) has recently acquired a newly constructed building with the intention of moving their headquarters there. The building is located in the great Tokyo area in the Kento region in Japan, just 5 miles away from the old company headquarters. The Yotsuba Group has been expanding rapidly and the old headquarters can hardly accommodate the current workforce of 290 employees. This recent company expansion has also revealed problems with the old network, as performance appears to have deteriorated dramatically. The board is also concerned with security as a number “incidents” have taken place during the last 6 months. For the purpose of designing an appropriate network for the company’s new headquarters you have been given access to the old, as well as the new, building.

The new building has 8 floors in addition to a two floors deep underground car park. With the exception of the top floor, each floor can accommodate about 60 to 70 employees. Each employee requires a desktop computer as well as a phone. Some employees (depending on the department they belong to) are provided with laptops that would also require network access.


The area of the top floor is smaller than that of the rest as it features a rather expanded balcony (with a nice view and a mini bar). The board of directors, made up by the 8 department heads, have decided that only their offices and those of their personal assistants should be located on this floor. A luxurious meeting room is also going to be located here. The 8 heads and their departments are listed below (note that at the point of writing this document the number of employees per department was not available):


  1. Kyosuke Higuchi:       Research and Technology
  2. Shingo Mido:              Financial Planning
  3. Reiji Namikawa:         Sales
  4. Eiichi Takahashi:        Material and Design
  5. Suguru Shimura:        Personnel
  6. Masahiko Kida:          Planning and Manufacturing
  7. Takeshi Ooi:               Legal and Accounting
  8. Arayoshi Hatori:         Marketing


The IT department (assume that their head is simply not important enough to be on the board) is going to be located on the ground floor. This floor is also going to house a café/relaxation area which, ideally, should include Wi-Fi access and a number of desktop computers that employees can use to access the internet for personal purposes during their lunch breaks. 


In addition to designing a network that would fulfil the requirements for the problem as defined above, you have also been asked to research and propose appropriate solutions for two additional problems:


  • The first is investigating the feasibility of renting one of the floors to a different company for the purpose of raising income without compromising the security of the Yotsuba Group network.


  • The second problem is investigating and proposing a solution for housing parts of the company in the old building (connectivity between this and the new one?). There is no need for this currently but if the company keeps on expanding such a capability might prove most useful.






Ultimately you need to produce a report that discusses your design, the problems identified, your solutions to them, and the justification of your decisions and solutions. We are interested on how you apply theory for solving specific issues relating to the scenario and your assumptions;


The key areas that you need to address in your report are:






Introduction – keep it brief, including structure, presentation, writing style, etc.



Explain the requirements gathering process and the assumptions made about the company, the buildings, and other parameters of the problem. If necessary provide diagrams such as floor plans.



Propose devices that could be used for implementing your design, discussing the physical topology, wiring and device placement.



Present your network design (including any plans to support expansion in the future). Provide a topology diagram and justify your design decisions.





Design an appropriate addressing scheme and discuss/explain/justify this design.



Draw appropriate policies for the network; no need for a full policy document but should address the main issues arising from relocating and resolving any issues identified in your assumptions.



Discuss network security threats and for this particular organisation and evaluate possible solutions. Provide appropriate documentation, including device configuration snippets if appropriate.



Design strategies and plans for network and performance monitoring and maintenance.



Identify potential risks and propose a disaster management and contingency plan.



A brief report to the Board (a page long max) highlighting the key finding of your report and justifying your decisions.



References in an appropriate format (Coventry Harvard Referencing Style)




Maximum 3500 words including table


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