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Explain the different legal definitions of occupancy


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Explain the different legal definitions of occupancy

Assignment    –       Occupancy, Tenure and Lettings

                                    Grading Criteria



To achieve a Pass you must have completed all the following:














  • Explain the different legal definitions of occupancy
  • Compare the key features of different types of tenure


  • Summarise current tenancy types
  • Compare the terms of different types of tenancy, including the legal responsibilities of landlord and occupant


  • Outline any legal and regulatory requirements for allocating and letting properties across the housing sector.
  • Explain different ways in which properties may be allocated and let.





You will have a Refer if:





  • The learning outcomes of the assessment have not been meet
  • The work is largely descriptive with unsupported statements
  • An understanding of the complexity of the subject has not been demonstrated
  • Work has not been presented in the required manner
  • Use of technical language and concepts is absent or consistently inaccurate.
  • The ability to act as an independent learner has not been demonstrated


If you do not achieve the minimum criteria for a pass, you will be referred.  You have two further opportunities to resubmit and will receive support and guidance from your tutor.  If your second attempt is again referred, you will receive a  refer (resubmission) grade.  If you fail to meet the minimum criteria for a pass for a third time, you will be awarded a fail grade.

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