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Explain Pufendorf’s concept of “Sociality”

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Explain Pufendorf’s concept of “Sociality”

1  Explain Pufendorf’s concept of “Sociality”


2 How did Vattel arrive at the conclusion that: “The surest way of preserving the equilibrium would be that no power be much superior to all the others, that all, or at least the greater part, should be nearly equal in force”?


3 Why does Kant believe that it is only when all societies have become “representative republics” that there will be perpetual peace?


4 What does Kant mean by saying that all states “are a standing offence to one another by the very fact that they are neighbors”?

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Explain Pufendorf’s concept of “Sociality” Explain Pufendorf’s concept of “Sociality”
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