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Experimental Entrepreneurship: Offshoring Polaris Inc.


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Experimental Entrepreneurship: Offshoring Polaris Inc.

Experimental Entrepreneurship: Offshoring Polaris Inc.


Teacher is more focused on the knowledge point, it is better if you can use some knowledge point from business study, this class is "Experimental Entrepreneurship" Thanks a lot!


Hanbin Wang
William Shimer
Experimental Entrepreneurship
April 2, 2017
Offshoring Polaris Inc.
Currently, organizations and manufacturing companies in developed nations have opted to outsource their production to other countries in Asia and Latin America. Before coming to that decision, the senior officials of these companies usually weigh the benefits of such actions over the consequences. Developed countries such as America boast a strong and stable economy, meaning that the buying power of commodities and services are high. Countries in Latin America and Asia, on the other hand, their economies are still developing, however, at a rapid rate compared to that of America, which has plateaued. T


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