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Ethical Use of Facebook by Lawyers


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Ethical Use of Facebook by Lawyers

Ethical Use of Facebook by Lawyers


pls give this to someone with legal background the write MUST use blue book citation format. this is not APA paper. pls see the attached failed draft with the prof comments


Ethical Use of Facebook by Lawyers Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction With more than one billion users, Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites, having started out as a humble idea in the dorm rooms. The platform is a giant is an online social media networking services. Users have the ability to share posts, stories, messages, photos, videos and links across the globe from the platform. It is a platform that allows the users the flexibility of expressing themselves through sharing the thoughts, comments, images and videos. Users can also tag their friends to the various posts that they make. The element of freedom is however elusive relative to the fact that much of the information shared on the platform take on a casual appeal. Relative to matters that require professionalism and confidentiality, Facebook is a sensitive platform to share such information. Lawyers are cautioned on their use of the platform to diverge information that would be otherwise considered confidential and an ethically violation. While social media websites such as Facebook can be used professionally as tools of communication among the professionals, there are too many gray areas that lawyers may cross which implicate them ethically and set them up for prosecution. The internet is a fast paced vehicle for development, however much of the legal frameworks in place were designed for the offline world. For the lawyers in California, it is risky to engage the


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