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Ethical Use of Facebook by Attorneys


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Ethical Use of Facebook by Attorneys

Ethical Use of Facebook by Attorneys


Project proposal 2 pages

Ethical use of Facebook for by attorneys


1. Research both legal and factual

2. Use proper citation format

3. Analysis – both for forecasting and the solution portion

4. Originality

5. Clarity and Persuasiveness

6. Addressing the professional responsibility/ethical dimension of the project


Ethical Use of Facebook by Attorneys Name: Institution: Ethical Use of Facebook by Attorneys Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to create their profiles and keep in touch with relatives, colleagues or friends by sharing information, messages, photos and other contents using words, videos, photographs and other communication methods (Chester, 2012). Facebook offers fast-hand possibilities in how information is obtained or manipulated. Attorneys’ use of social media is an issue that has raised ethical issues regarding information following and reporting (Browning, 2010). The ABA Model Rules, specifically RPC 4.1 (Truthfuln


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