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Essay Critiques (ENGLISH)


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Essay Critiques (ENGLISH)

Essay Critiques (ENGLISH)

Critique the sample Student Essays according to the Five Criteria of Effective Writing. Indicate what style you think each essay is, and what grade you would give it if you were the instructor.
Running head: ENGLISHEssay CritiquesName:University:Tutor:Date: Essay CritiquesA good written material should be properly organized within the five basic elements of effective writing; focus organization, support and elaborations, style and conventions. The topic established by the author should be maintained all through without moving out of it because this will weaken the topic. Moving from one idea to the other within the material should be well organized and harmonized; there should be flow from one idea to the other. The written material should have constancy; moving from the introduction, to body and to the conclusion. Each main point rose should be supported with relevant material and if possible give examples on the matter. Language used is very important and the audience should be considered when selecting the appropriate language to use. The lang...

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