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Environment Examination

Environment Examination

In the exam there will be a 40 mark essay question.
This is compulsory and there is no choice of questions.
The compulsory question is divided into 2 parts and draws on the principles and techniques of the first 3 weeks of the module.
The focus of the exam essay question is environmental taxes.
The question will include a requirement that you appraise and critically discuss a specific environmental tax.
Your answer to this part of the exam should be in essay format (full sentences and no bullet points).
Marks will be awarded for:
Demonstrating a good understanding of the topic
A well-structured answer that is relevant to the question
Evidence of wider reading on this topic
Evidence of discussion, beyond being descriptive

For reading week, to help you prepare for the exam, it is recommended that you read the following document:
The UK Tax System and the Environment by Andrew Leicester
The Institute for Fiscal Studies
It is available at:

You are advised to undertake further reading on this topic because, as advised, further marks are available for evidence of wider, relevant reading.

January exam
Question on environmental tax
Set reading: “The UK tax system and the environment” by Andrew Leicester (2006)
Leicester has also made some recent brief observations on this topic at http://www.ifs.org.uk/publications/6491

Please supplement this set reading with further reading

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Environment Examination Environment Examination
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Reviews: 5

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