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Enhanced Perceptual Processing of speech in Autism


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Enhanced Perceptual Processing of speech in Autism

Enhanced Perceptual Processing of speech in Autism

Don`t have to answer all the questions. The maximum for this paper is 3 pages, so its kinda impossible to answer all the questions he gave us. Focus on the important questions you believe they are. Please follow the instruction from attached file. Need to open the paper with intro, describe the study (3-4 sentencses), and end the paper with the statement of reject, revise&resubmit, or accept. the professor wants us to find our own opinions about stengths and weakness of the journal. I am requesting the top 10 writer service,so please take a good care of this order. it counts towards 20% of my entire class grade and is very very extremely important. i already lost 20% of my grade from formal incident, so this article review decides whether i will pass this class or not. please put extra care on this article review.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Enhanced Perceptual Processing of speech in AutismIntroductionAutism according to Frith (p.17) is a syndrome that is rarely seen though it is characterized by withdrawal and low social responsiveness as well as serious communicative and linguistic impairments that lead to abnormal development of normal attachment that are frequently accompanied by variety of bizarre way if responding. The development science journal has researched on the way speech on this disorder can be perpetually enhanced through a report they have written. Through dissemination of the research, several things need to be addressed, revised and resubmitted.According to the research, the methods used were not comprehensive and they require more analysis before the report can be adopted. The sample that was used to check the language fluency needs to be intensive. To ensure that they come up with the required results as to the extent of the autism that is affecting children, they would have not only used children who can talk fluently in grammar but could have well used those who are not fluent. This would have made a comparison of the extent that autism has in the linguistic disorder in the children (Järvinen-Pasley, et al. p.111).Acc...

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