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Employment Salary Upgrade


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Employment Salary Upgrade

Employment Salary Upgrade


This paper requires me to write it as a "Postion Paper". However, it does not have a "Position Paper" listed in the above slot are concerning "Type Of Paper". Here are the instructions as to how and what the paper suppose to concern: You have been working as a level 4 employee at an agency for 5 years. your employee evaluations have consistently been high. You become aware that even though a coworker is working at the same level 4 as you, their salary is $1500 higher than yours.You have also recently completed your Master`s Program, and now have a higher level of education than you did when you were hired.Write a POSITION paper on your salary being raised to at least equal as that of your co-worker.


EMPLOYMENT SALARY UPGRADE Name: Institutional Affiliation: Employment Salary Upgrade Working as level 4 employees for an agency over a period of time, an employee evaluation recently depicted that some of my core workers earn higher salaries. I recently completed my Master`s program, an aspect that has heightened my education and experience as compared to when I was hired. This has resulted in the need to review my current compensation to establish if the rise is warranted. It is essential to note that the agency resorted to a performance-based approach of calculating a competitive c


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