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Effict of manipulation in low back pain treatment


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Effict of manipulation in low back pain treatment

Effict of manipulation in low back pain treatment

Table 2.1. A summary of the general sequence that most research papers follow A title – reflecting the content of the paper. An abstract – a summary of the research article. An introduction – explaining the area of research interest. A rationale – providing the reason why the researcher was interested in the topic and a projection of the worth the study could have for future professional practice. A literature review – an account of pre-existing relevant research that has paved the way for the study. Its purpose is to convey to the reader what has already been established about the topic and what strengths or weaknesses of each finding are. The aims and objectives of the study – usually encapsulated in a research question. A “methods” section – explains the research method that was used. The following subsections are included in the methods section write up of the research project: Participants – the number, method of sampling, where they were recruited from, the groups they were allocated to (if relevant to the method), inclusion and exclusion criteria, e.g., age, sex, occupation, ethnicity, smoker or non smoker etc. Design – an explanation of how the data was collected, i.e., interviews, questionnaires, observations, physical measurements and how the researcher organised this. Measuring tools – a discussion of the instruments used to collect the data and if relevant the reliability and validity of these tools, e.g., scoring systems (if quantitative data) / coding (if qualitative data). Results Section – how the data was analysed and the results in terms of themes (qualitative data) or numbers (quantitative data). Discussion Section – the meaning of the findings and how they advance the literature review. Also, recommendations for future professional practice. Conclusion – a summary of the salient points and their meaning. Also, where the researcher intends to go next.
EFFECT OF MANIPULATION IN LOW BACK PAIN TREATMENTName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(24, November, 2010)Effect of Manipulation in Low Back Pain TreatmentIntroductionThe research question which I am addressing for the purpose of this assignment is no the effect of manipulation in Low back pain treatment. Hence, the most suitable research method to address on the question is qualitative research method.Use of qualitative research method is aimed at understanding the human behavior and the supporting reasons which make the person behave the way they behave. The research methods mostly investigate on how and why a decision will need to be done therefore it does not just rely on the when it took place, w...

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