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Your study group holds a series of meetings. You are asked to synthesize the group`s recommendations by preparing a report. In your Final Response to Challenge B, you will: Describe at least five essential elements for the design/selection and implementation of a high-quality literacy initiative for the elementary grades. Give priority to those elements related to curriculum content, instruction, and assessment. Briefly describe how the elements you select might reinforce or complement one another. Based on what you have learned from the Learning Resources for this module (and focusing on the essential elements selected that are related to curriculum content, instruction, and assessment): Describe one strategy for operationalizing each of the five elements you have chosen. Explain why you find each strategy particularly promising. Describe how at least one of the strategies specifically addresses the needs of struggling readers as a group or a subset of struggling readers (e.g., students with disabilities or English language learners). Choose any one of the strategies and identify one challenge you might encounter in implementing that strategy; explain how you would address this challenge.
ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR THE DESIGN& STRATEGIES FOR OPERATIONALIZATION OF A HIGH QUALITY LITERACY INITIATIVE FOR ELEMENTARY GRADESNameName of InstitutionName of ProfessorDate of SubmissionIntroductionThe possibility that a five-year old will tell that he or she goes to school in order to learn how read is very high. Literacy, which can simply be defined as the ability to read and write, has become an integral part of contemporary society today, and it is what most parents hope their children can get from the moment they can start uttering words or identifying things or people. The typical pre-school years that is an elementary school, is a distinctively important stage during which a child can achieve literacy. According to Neuman & Dickinson (2003), it is agreed during this time the biological, socio-emotional and cognitive processes of a child are already playing their fundamental roles in a child`s maturation. In this essay, we shall look at the critical elements that will play an important role in providing high quality literacy initiative for the elementary graders.Fundamental Elements in the Designing of a Quality Literacy Initiative for Elementary GradersAt any licensed elementary education center, in order to provide a high quality literacy initiative for elementary graders the following important elements should be considered and adhered to:a. Crafting of a development-oriented educational curriculumLinder et al. (2012) document that the curriculum offered at an early childhood educational center with a focus on literacy should be and largely take into full consideration of the child`s developmental needs. The curriculum must be designed in such a manner that it factors in the strengths and weakness of a child in his early years with the focus on their biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional demands. An example of an inappropriate content in the curriculum is teaching the child complex mathematical questions or anatomical q...

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