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ECS 110 Critical Autobiography: Racialization and Racism in Education


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ECS 110 Critical Autobiography: Racialization and Racism in Education

ECS 110 Critical Autobiography: Racialization and Racism in Education


These readings posted here are needed for the Critical Autobiography assignment due March 3. Because I see you were finished this order too fast when I haven`t given you some of the major contents. I need you to check this essay and see if it`s talking about the right topic. 


Racialization and Racism in EducationNameInstitutional AffiliationDate

Racialization and Racism in Education

Racialization is the process by which a certain group of people are singled out from the rest and given a special and unique treatment due to real or perceived physical characteristics CITATION Shi15 l 1033 (Shirley & Kenneth, 2015). Racialization not only encompasses the physical attributes of various groups but also the expectations of behavior that are attached to such a group. Racialization later results to the creation of racial lines between the ones who are considered to be superior and the ones who are stigmatized causing conflicts CITATION RPS05 l 1033 (Solomon, Portelli, Daniel, & CampBell, 2005). Racialism exists in teacher educational programs in many ways.

One of the common challenges that face education in the urban areas is lack of preparation by the teachers to handle students from different races by gaining an understanding of their culture and race. In the modern society, the teachers enter the classroom with good planning skills ,classroom management and differentiated learning technology but they only lack one major item; the tools that they can use to address the issue of race and racism CITATION Shi15 l 1033 (Shirley & Kenneth, 2015). There is need for the urban educators to be trained on how they need to understand the inequ


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