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Early Childhood-objective child observation


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Early Childhood-objective child observation

Early Childhood-objective child observation


observe a child under the age of six. the actual child observation should be a NARRATIVE of everything you saw the child do and heard the child say and who the child interacted with. Describe the behavior you observed, including descriptions of how the child moved, what she/he said and how the words were uttered and body language displayed. Use of head, hand, facial expressions are very important as are interaction with other children and adults in the room. DO NOT RECORD YOUR ASSUMTIONS OR INTERPRETATIONS OF THE BEHAVIOR. MOST BE OBJECTIVE.. examples of words not to use: smart, pretty happy, overwhelmed etc

Early Childhood-objective child observationNameCourse numberInstructor`s nameDateI observed a three year old girl in a preschool as she interacted with other children of between three and four years. The girl engaged in a fantasy play of a nuclear family, and she played the role of a mother. I noticed that the girl could name some colors correctly when telling her playmates to complete a coloring assignment. She drew a face holding the pencil between the first two fingers and thumbs in a firm grip. She also asked the children playing the children roles in the fantasy play that theircoloring had to be similar to the one done at school. This indicates that the girl had mastered the concept of similarity and differences.The girl asked questions such as what the children wanted to do after completing the assignment. Other questions include; how many pieces of candy her playmates wanted, and why they did not want to be part of the fantasy play anymore. She asked these questions using sentences with not more than five words. The playmates would also respond in similarly short sentences indicating that three and four year olds are able to sustain back and forth conversations amongst themselves.When the fantasy play ended, I noticed that the girl was able to play other games such as catching a bounced ball. She was also able to balance on the ground for about five seconds when hoping on one foot. She engaged in other activities such as ridinga tricycle and would maneuver around ob...

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