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Does Marketing Convince Consumers


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Does Marketing Convince Consumers

Does Marketing Convince Consumers


Answer the question below:

Does marketing convince consumers to develop new desires about products and services they do not need or does it just identify and respond to pre-existing consumer needs? Explain your answer.

Additional information below to help with your answer:

Needs are essentially a perceived difference between where you are and where you want to be (either or both the current and desired state maybe changed for need recognition to occur). They are manifest through benefits: a favorable result the buyer receives from the product (What is in it for me?), but they must exceed some threshold to activate behavior(assuming a solution is possible and within economic and temporal resources). Wants are specific alternatives to satisfy that need (few needs, many wants). Internal or external stimuli may trigger them. Environmental and individual differences influence need recognition. Needs may include: love, social image, pleasure, and financial security. Benefits may include: save time or money, peace of mind, happiness, and confidence. 


Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Does marketing convince consumers? Marketing undeniably influences consumer’s needs for goods and services. Marketing can be defined as the connection between society’s mater


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