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Disease Process: Diabetes


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Disease Process: Diabetes

Disease Process: Diabetes

Choose a topic and Prepare a 1 page outline in the field of Biologic and Material sciences with focus on physical organic chemistry. Choose Topic: A disease process on Diabetes I had to prepare an outline about the main points of Diabetes disease. I will have to present this later in class. I am including a pdf document related to the two types of Diabetes I and II. (PAGE 1-24) (the document include a new topic, adrenal glands, this is not part of my outline, i just could not removed it from my pdf file) Also since my class is Organic Chemistry Lab, I am not sure how could I focus the diabetes disease on physical organic chemistry, hopefully you can suggest me about it.
DISEASE PROCESS DIABETES Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Disease Process Diabetes Title: Disease Process for diabetes I. Diabetes is characterized by either a persistent hyperglycemia which is caused by an inadequate production of insulin, or a resistance to metabolic action of insulin. The disease is by and large classified as insulin dependent which is the IDDM type I diabetes, or non-insulin dependent which is the NIDDM type II, also referred to as a secondary diabetes mellitus. The real casual mechanisms for the disease are not known, however, a faulty autoimmune response and genetics are said to have major roles in the i...

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