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Discussion Assignment a Worn Path: Phoenix Jackson


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Discussion Assignment a Worn Path: Phoenix Jackson

Discussion Assignment a Worn Path: Phoenix Jackson


This is for my weekly discussion. her is the teacher question. 
Name at least 4 characteristics of Phoenix Jackson ( i.e. determined, stubborn, etc.) and find examples from the text (cite page numbers). Always explain why those examples show the characteristic you have named" 
here is a link to the story:https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1941/02/a-worn-path/376236/
This is the name of the book we use: portable literature reading reacting writing 8th edition pdf


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Discussion – A Worn Path 
In A Worn Path, one characteristic of Phoenix Jackson is that she is determined. Phoenix encounters a lot of challenges as she walks from her home to a distant town. For example, the road has thorns that catch


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