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Disadvantages to a Distributed System


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Disadvantages to a Distributed System

Disadvantages to a Distributed System

Provide the drawbacks and disadvantages inherent with distributed computing when applied to intensive communications inherent on large government and commercial information technology programs.
Disadvantages to a distributed system Name Corse Lecturer Date Ever since the evolution of man, there has been technology. In fact, the making of tools which most could be referred to as the beginning of human culture but this has been a strong force in the expansion of civilization. In today`s world, technology has become a complex social venture that include design, finance, manufacture as well maintenance. Technology have brought advantages to many as it has made it possible to the thing that could be seen as impossible for many years as well making tedious work easy and professional. Distributed system which refers to a collection of autonomous computers which are connected through a network and distributed middleware to enable other computers to coordinate their activities and share the resources of the system (Banks, 2001). This enables users to perceive the system as a single, integrated computing facility. Though distributed system has many definitions, one can also define it as a collection of independent computers that appear to users of the system a single coherent system and this proves and shows the advantages of technology as many government organizations use these systems. Though everything has its merits and demerits, the advantages of distributed systems overwhelmed its disadvantages as the system has made it possible to ease the task using single and small computers. The systems are ...

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