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Disabled Children Abuse: Prevention and treatment


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Disabled Children Abuse: Prevention and treatment

Disabled Children Abuse: Prevention and treatment

Topic must be on the prevention of child abuse on children who are disabled and the treatment for those who already have been abused.
Disabled Children Abuse: Prevention and treatmentStudent name:Student number:School name:IntroductionDisabled children together with their families have constantly experienced obstacles in enjoying basic human rights such as right to education, health, equality and protection. Their needs are not given equal priority like normal children, and their abilities have been underestimated by the authorities and people they live with in the same environment. Common child abusers include caretakers and other attendants, family members, their peers and persons trusted to take care of them. The situation is however changing, thanks to civil society and governments` efforts; they have contributed to the removal of barriers hence promoting their access to basic human rights. However, the speed of improvement varies between and within countries; some countries have not yet put in place legislations needed to protect the rights of children with disabilities. This paper addresses the problem of disabled child abuse; it outlines measures taken to prevent child abuse and as well as treatment methods in abused children.Prevention of physical, sexual and emotional abuseNecessary measures should be taken to prevent and reduce child abuse at national and community level in line with UN standards. Appropriate measures should be taken to protect disabled children from violence, which include physical violence, sexual and economic exploitation and other abuse such as child trafficking. Sexual, physical and psychological/emotional abuse is higher among disabled children in comparison to their normal peers, (Innocent digest no 13, 2007).Formation of disabled organizations which will work closely with the governments in undertaking comprehensive review of current disability legislation and formulation of relevant laws that protects the rights of children with disabilities in conformity with the UN standards. All legislations and regulations should aim at preventing discrimination on the basis of disability.The laws and regulations should provide f...

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