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Digital Generation: Compete With Big Online Booking Agents


  • Post Date 2021-04-14T10:08:41+00:00
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Digital Generation: Compete With Big Online Booking Agents

The recent technological advancements have been associated with the current transformation that is being experienced in the Tours and Travels industry globally. For instance, recent studies in the industry have suggested that the position of the Traditional Travel Agents is slowly diminishing with the rise of the Online Travel Agents (Zare & Chukwunoso, 2015). This existence is said to have been caused by effects of the information revolution, which has in turn established channels through which customers communicates directly to their service providers without the aid of intermediary agents. However, some experts in this industry have raised concerns on how traditional travel agents can maintain their position in the industry regardless of the technological transformation that has reshaped how business transa

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