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Differentiated Instructions for Deaf Student


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Differentiated Instructions for Deaf Student

Differentiated Instructions for Deaf Student

Compose a essay on differentiated instructed with a deaf student. Cite 5 sources. That support the differentiated instruction for that student.
DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEAF STUDENTName:Course:Professor Name:(December 13, 2011) Differentiated Instructions for Deaf StudentEvery child has the right to education in spite of being disability; in fact, disability is not inability. Differentiation entails providing students with a range of modes to access education in terms of curriculum, instructions and assessment; work together and participate in the lessons; express what they have learnt; and understand and comprehend the lesson in class (Bartlett & Power 1997). Every student is different in the style of learning, needs, potency and abilities and hence every lesson should be developed to cater for these differences.The strategies that can be useful in assisting the deaf in understanding the lesson would include role playing, mock debates and skits. The teacher should always differentiate roles to the students to ensure every student participates. The roles should include the different signs to assist in understanding and with different complexity levels (Baynton, 1996). The students should also be involved in the creating the set, holding up cue cards, and making on the spot costumes. The teacher should help the students develop a work sheet that is appropriate for organizing the activities and thoughts during and after performing. The students must also be motivated during performance and humor must be incorporated in the role playing, mock debates and skits to keep the students...

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