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Difference between Education in America and El Salvador


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Difference between Education in America and El Salvador

Difference between Education in America and El Salvador

it needs to be about the difference education between america and el salvador. How is the education different from each other.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Difference between Education in America and El SalvadorIntroductionAmerica is a developed country with improved social, economic and political dimensions while El Salvador is Latin-America country which is still a developing country. This research paper is intended to identify differences that exist between the American and El Salvador education. There are several differences in education that exist between educations in America and in El Salvador. These differences range from difference in the education systems, funding, and accessibility and even in terms institutional organization. These differences are stated below:Public education in America is universally provided by the public sector with its control and funding emanating from the three levels of government: state, federal and local whereas preschool education in El Salvador is not included in the states educational system. In America, the federal government funds the head start preschool program of children from poor families.Education system in America is divided into six basic classes: preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, post secondary and vocational education whereas in El Salvador its divided into four classes: preschool, primary school secondary school and higher education.Childhood education in America is compulsory to all children while the primary level of education in El Salvador is a must especially in public schools where the government controls and provides funding. In America, a large number of students rely on student loans and scholarships from their university, the federal government or the private lenders to pay their tuition upfront whereas in El Salvador pre-university is not free and the state provides a public education in which a fee is paid per family i.e. siblings p...

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