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Deviance Theories: When Kids Get Life


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Deviance Theories: When Kids Get Life

Deviance Theories: When Kids Get Life

Neutralization theory in criminology is defined, as the idea that individuals who flout the law perfect the skill of neutralizing the conventional society values and attitudes, allowing them to drift between conformist and criminal conduct. Acts that flout norms can hold with them shame and guilt, which deter most young people from engaging in delinquent acts. Would-be criminals, consequently, must discover behavior to preemptively neutralize the guilt if they choose to take part in deviant behavior. One of the ways they do this is shown in the techniques of neutralization that offer episodic reprieve from moral restriction and let individuals drift back and forth between criminal and conformist behavior. By using these neutralizations internal and social controls that restrain deviant pattern are blocked. Further, in so doing they allow a person to freely engage in crime without serious harm to their personality.

In Jacob Ind’s case for instance, Jacob, following years of physical and sexual abuse had been subjected to pain which was inflicted to him by his both parents; his dad would routinely rape both him and brother as well as beat them. Ind had it and through what is seen as a neutralization drift, he brutally murders both his mother and stepfather in cold blood and does not realize the magnitude of his crime. On the other hand, Nathan Ybanez, also after years of sexual abuse by the mother and physical abuse by his father, he drifts into a delinquent act. Nathan kills his mother to end the pain of abuse he was constantly trying battling with inwardly. Both offenders were found to have both a solid opinion in their moral responsibility, and the lack of it.

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