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Developmental Stages Matrix


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Developmental Stages Matrix

Developmental Stages Matrix

*Do not include sources* Please fill out the physical, cognitively, socioemotionaly changes for early childhood and middle adulthood. Please see attachment. -John
DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES MATRIXName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (11, February, 2011) Developmental Stages MatrixAccording to Harder 2002, the personality traits that each one of us has in life depend on each exposure. This helps us to be optimistic or pessimistic in life. It helps us to be dependent in one time and independent in other. It makes us be emotional or unemotional; it forms us to be aggressive or passive in life. These traits are mostly inborn while others are acquired during our interaction with the environment as it is postulated by Erik Erikson development theories.Early childhood (18 months to 3years)This is the stage where the child starts mastering skills. Some of these skills are walking, feeding talking as well as finer motor development. The chil...

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