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[Solved] Developmental Issues Related to Learning

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[Solved] Developmental Issues Related to Learning

In this paper, you are supposed to prepare a report on the Developmental Issues Related to Learning. The purpose of this assignment is to deal appropriately with individuals with these disorders at school, work and the society as a whole.

Developmental learning issues are also referred to learning disabilities (LD); they are disorders in one or more basic psychological process that can manifest in an inability to learn in certain areas such as mathematics, reading, and writing.  The psychological processes include; input, integration, memory, output and motor (What Are Learning Disabilities?, 2016). Affected individuals may experience difficulty by one or more processes and the degree of the severity of the disorders varies.

Specific LD are audio processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, language processing disorder, non-verbal learning disabilities and visual motor deficit (Types of Learning Disabilities, 2016).  Other related disorders are ADHD, dyspraxia, memory deficits and inefficiency in executive functioning. Development learning issues are not sensory impairments, intellectual disabilities or emotional disturbances in individuals. They are not caused by factors such as inadequate parenting or lack of opportunity to study but as a result of a disorder in psychological processes.

Responsiveness to intervention (RTI) is the commonly used technique for identification of LD. RTI is a process that begins with giving high-quality instructions and screening of children in classrooms. Children found to be struggling with LD are provided with intervention to increase their learning rates. RTI process is closely monitored to assess the level of performance and rate of learning of individuals.

I chose to write on the Developmental issues related to learning so that I can learn more about these disorders. I intend to use the knowledge gained to educate others on these issues as well as help those with learning difficulties. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, almost 1/3 of people attributed learning disorders to inaccurate causes such as too much television, poor diet and childhood vaccination (National Center for Learning Disabilities, 2016). The study will equip me well to deal appropriately with individuals with these disorders at school, work and the society as a whole.

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[Solved] Developmental Issues Related to Learning [Solved] Developmental Issues Related to Learning
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