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Description about where my inspiration comes from


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Description about where my inspiration comes from

Description about where my inspiration comes from

I am fashion stylist student in my final year. I need to write 100 words about what my inspiration came from about a few fashion photos that I did and around 50 words for the video I did, I attached the shoots from the video called stale in bloom to show you the mood as I don,t know how can i send it to you. They will put my 5 images on a board with a short description of my inspiration and my roots. I will need 100 words, but my roots are a bit boring and they don,t connect much to this so i cannot find anything to write, i hope you can help me to create something. A bit description of me is that i am spanish from zaragoza, my mother family come from a sailor family, which travelled to venezuela when she was young. I am a bit caotic, disorganized, moody, graceful, sweet, independent. I attached the images that are bling to be in the board with the words. Thank you.:)
In my most creative moments, I can feel my old and familiar Spanish passion coursing through my veins. I hail from Zaragosa, Spain. My Mother comes from a deep-rooted sailor family who travelled to Venezuela when she was young. Just like the sailors of old who have an unquenchable thirst for adventure, my creativity awakens to the call for new expressions of the human spirit. For me, fashion is like the mysterious and endless sea where new lands lie awaiting to be found. All it takes is a sense of daring, of venturing into new territori...

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