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Describe ONE campaign that you thought was effective and discuss why


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Describe ONE campaign that you thought was effective and discuss why

Advertising, the good as well as the bad

Topic: Think about some recent advertising campaigns in any medium in USA that captured your attention. Describe ONE campaign that you thought was effective and discuss why. Describe another campaign that you thought was ineffective and give your reasons. (Note: "campaign" doesn`t mean it has to be political.) Keep in mind the targeted audience of the advertising campaign. You may provide links to your ads if they are online. To. Writer - The overuse of “I think,” “In my opinion” or “I believe.” Once again, most of the time it`s not necessary to use these. These are your papers and what you write is what you think or believe. -Attribution. I expect you to attribute facts and figures to the source. -Even if I checked on `No sources required` that doesn`t mean you can`t use source from web. You still can use any references (from web) but please CITED at the end of the paper where your references came from. - Please understand that I go to college in hawaii and im an international student from south Korea(Woman). please do use easy an simple grammar like a international student. If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks.
Advertising, the good as well as the bad[Student`s name][Institutional affiliation] Advertising, the good as well as the badVarious advertising campaigns have recently been carried out within the United States, some of which have been effective while others have not been effective. This paper aims at highlighting an effective advertising campaign and also an ineffective campaign. Description of an effective campaign within United States I consider the advertising campaign concerning anti-smoking within the United States as an effective process. This advertising campaign targeted the youths so as to save them from the various dangers associated with smoking. Adverts were highlighted within various media types such as televisions, wherein important information bits concerning the various dangers associated with smoking were pointed out. For instance, the advertising campaign made youths aware that smoking had the capacity to bring about various dangers to them as follows. For instance, smoking would expose them to heart disease risks, asthma and also lung diseases. It would also expose individuals to emphysema, lung cancer and other illnesses. According to the advertising campaign, the various illnesses highlighted above would manifest among middle aged individuals or old people who have smoked over a long ...

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