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Describe All Components of the Nursing Process


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Describe All Components of the Nursing Process

Describe All Components of the Nursing Process


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Describe all components of the nursing process. 

Select one (1) phase in the nursing process and answer the following questions:

Explain the role of the RN in the phase.

Give a minimum of three (3) specific examples of how the phase is integrated in the patient`s care.

Explain the four(4) types of health assessment listed below and provide an example for each.

Comprehensive assessment

Ongoing partial assessment

Focused assessment

Emergency assessment


Describe All Components of the Nursing Process Name; Institutional Affiliation; Date Components of the Nursing Process The nursing process is mainly described in a framework that involves planning and individualized approach to the care of patients (Maenhout, & Vanhoucke, 2013). However, there is a typical strand that unites the nursing process and the manner in which the nurses work. These components in the nursing process include; Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. Assessment; The process of assessment


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