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Defensive Communication


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Defensive Communication

Defensive Communication

This is a Group Dynamic course.I`m working in the group.My part is Defensive Communication: (Jack Gibb)!!! I have to summarize the first 3 defensive climates. 1, Evaulation 2, Control 3, Strategy Instruction: A) Individual written contribution (10 pts) Your group will be assigned an element of group behaviour as a research topic that each individual member will be asked to research and write on. Additionally, each member will apply the group dynamic element to a personal life experience and will write about how this element was present and what kind of impact it had. Marking criteria for individual written contribution are as follows:  Quality of the writing (proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure) : 2 points  Quality of the paper presentation (typed in Times New Roman or Arial, titles and subtitles, page number, 1.5 spacing) : 1 points  Quality of the content regarding the description of the assigned group dynamics element(use of two or more appropriate resources-Wikipedia is unacceptable- however articles from on-line databases is appropriate ) : 3 points Referencing within the text (make sure the full reference appears in the bibliography): 1 point B,Group research paper (10 pts) Marking criteria for the group paper are as follows:  Title page, table of content, bibliography : 1.5 point  The paper presents content that articulates clear answers to the assigned questions in relation to an element of group behaviour : 3 points  The paper presents a critical analysis of what is common and what is different among the personal experience of each group member in relation to the assigned element of group behaviour. Also presented is how the group dynamic element was present in the group`s process: 4 points  Appropriate grammar, spelling and sentence structure : 1.5 points Sources: Jack Gibb Defensive communication 2007.You can use also internet source but no Wikipedia
Defensive CommunicationNameLecturerUniversityCourseDateA defensive climate weakens group learning, team efficiency, family communication, and personal conversations. It also prevents new ideas from being spoken, heard, or considered, thus making these climates supported by groupthink, where nearly everyone buys into a common viewpoint or ideology as thought by Gibb. This sometimes can be generated by one or two individuals but usually persists when individuals co-create defensive climates or when emotions are hot.Evaluative & DescriptionIt is significance that carries judgments of right and wrong, good or bad, and nonverbal cues of evaluation, such as speech or other conduct. It is this significance that appears evaluative, which in turn increases defensiveness by expression, manner of speech, tone of voice, or verbal content (Gibb, 1961, p 68). The sender seems to be evaluating or judging the listener, which creates hostility in the receiver. If the listener thought th...

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