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• Debate why organizations nowadays embrace a “chain” or “network” approach to create value

• Debate why organizations nowadays embrace a “chain” or “network” approach to create value

The aim of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your critical ability in analysing and evaluating different approaches in managing value chain networks. You are encouraged to illustrate as well as write about the value

chain network in question.


• Debate why organizations nowadays embrace a “chain” or “network” approach to create value.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches in managing value chain networks, by using relevant models, theories and case illustrations where appropriate.

How to do

• Use scoping study to identify search terms (keywords) – Study field: supply (value) chains – Keywords: “supply”, “value”, “chain”, “network”,

expected to review literature

• It is not just about searching relevant literature and simply report (repeat) what the literature says...

 • It is a scholarly process, involving mapping and assessment of the existing intellectual territory

You must demonstrate that you have read, understood and evaluated the items you have located


Types of articles

• Advertisements

• Videos

• Blogs

• White papers

• Reports

• Practitioner magazines

• Academic magazine (Harvard, Sloan, California BR)

• MSc/PhD thesis

• Peer-reviewed academic articles


– Refer to and assess research by recognised experts

– Consider and discuss research that supports and opposes your idea

– Make reasoned judgements regarding the value of others’ research

– Justify your arguments with valid evidence in a logical manner

– Distinguish clearly between fact and opinion, science and tautology

Using data extraction

• Data to be extracted is guided by

– The objectives (questions) of the literature review

– The planned assessment (e.g. a focus on specific theory, evidence, or answers to a specific question etc.)

• As a historical records of

– The interpretation of the data

– The decisions made during the extraction

• As data repository for the analyses

– A method for data reduction

– Ensure traceability

• Consider double extraction (two independent assessors)

– Findings are compared and reconciled

• Consider using a summary table on form

Synthesize data to Identify themes and integrate literature

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  • Title: • Debate why organizations nowadays embrace a “chain” or “network” approach to create value
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