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Death penalty


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Death penalty

Death penalty

This paper is for an ethics class
DEATH PENALTY Your Name: School Name: Death penalty is it ethical? Introduction A great number of countries worldwide have so far abolished the death penalty whereas a commendable number of them still maintaining as well as retaining it in their laws or even practicing it. Examples of the countries that have continued to retain this kind of punishment include the United States. For instance, 1,136 people have been executed in the United States from the year 1977 through 2008, all of whom were primarily executed by lethal injection process (Bedau, 2004). However, a majority of these cases of death penalty involved executing people convicted of committing murder (Yorke, 2008). Moreover, in the recent past the has been a heated debate as to whether death penalty should be abolished or continued in countries that are still retaining it in their law or practice (Dow and Dow, 2002). The death penalty has always been the ultimate human rights denial. This is because it is the cold-blooded and premeditated killing of people in the name of justice and it is not ethical or morally right. This leads to total violation of everyone`s right to life which has been proclaimed in the article three of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Death penalty also serves as the ultimate degrading, cruel as well as inhuman punishment whichever form it takes be it; hanging, electrocution, gassing, beheading, shooting, lethal injection or stoning. However, there is ...

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