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Damming the Yangtze River. Air Pollution and Global Warming


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Damming the Yangtze River. Air Pollution and Global Warming

Damming the Yangtze River. Air Pollution and Global Warming

NameLecturerCourseDateDamming the Yangtze RiverAir Pollution and Global WarmingThe purpose of the Three Gorges dam was to provide hydro-generated energy to the country; this would reduce use in fossil fuel i.e. coal energy which is major sources of carbon a greenhouse gases ((Xu, Milliman, Yang, & Wan, 188). In view of the fact that hydroelectric power is pollution free the decision to build the dam was good, in that the impacts of global warming will be greatly reduced. The energy produced would ensure that the country cuts down its carbon emission to the atmosphere; this would lead to a clean and sustained environment. As stated by Gleick, (142) the electricity produced in the Three Gorges Dam would save the country 50 million tons of coal burning annually; which contributed to approximately 2 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 100 million tons of carbon dioxide, 10,000 tons of carbon monoxide and huge quantities of dust particles. This is responsible for depleting the ozone layer which protects the earth from harmful sun`s rays (Tan, & Yao, 358). The depletion leads to increased temperatures in the atmosphere also known as global warming.Indeed, this would ease air pollution given that less carbon would be emitted to the atmosphere; for instance the energy produced would be used in electric trains and hence reduce transport by road. China is highly dependent on coal energy and the Three Gorges dam would reduce the consumption of coal and hence air pollution reduced significantly (Allin, 18). The water from the dam was to be used to irrigate the nearby land which wo...

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