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Cultural Assimilation Speech Presentation Assignment


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Cultural Assimilation Speech Presentation Assignment

Cultural Assimilation Speech Presentation Assignment


This class is called:Human Resources Management, According to the report, write a speech, it is a group report and presentation, so my presentation part is one from the all topic:The integration of immigration into Canadian, The part I got is:Cultural Assimilation. If the example from the report is not good, then change an example, this part is about the cons, please make sure it is in sense. Thanks

*Make sure the writer read the report and requirement(in the files), It`s very very important. Thanks! ****Please finish and send me the works before April.3rd****

IMPORTANT********** Do not write every part for my speech, just only the part that I assigned to. This is a speech note for my presentation. Thanks!


Cultural Assimilation
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Cultural Assimilation
Cultural assimilation is when an individual from a minority group loses their cultural identity due to circumstances, and resembles that of a dominant group. It occurs mostly to immigrants due to dynamism to enable them to relate and fit in the new society. The cultural characteristics associ


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