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i will send you all required information and instruction. one of the files, is an example of what one of the student did last year, and got 5 out of 7, his paper was done on different article, I need something better, thats why I decide to let my paper to be written by Top 10 writers. I need an Australian English all what you need are on the files.
TitleA good title gets the attention of the readers. It should be short, clear, precise, informative, and attention grabbing (Wolery & Lane, 2009). A good title must define what the study is about. The title of this article is specific and depicts a conscious statement of the topic referring to various variables of the study. Therefore, it is self-explanatory and intended to inform the reader about the topic.AbstractAn abstract should be short and must have a good statement that describes what the research is about (Jorden and Little, 2004). It must provide background information, scope of the research, the results and contents of the work. In addition, it must show relevance of the work (Creswell, 2009). In this article the researchers, although they have not specifically put the abstract, it is clear from the readers that the elements that make a good abstract are available. They have identified the problem of research as medication errors as well as given the research design, methodology and results. The research has shown its relevance to clinical practice (Michaelson, 2006).IntroductionThe introduction section provides an overview of the work to the readers (Vintzileos & Ananth, 2010). The researchers identify errors in medication as a major concern in Australia both in hospitals as well as in medical centres and aged care facilities throughout the country in the first paragraph. They have also shown the justification of the research by giving statistics that indicate a great majority of people in Australia who need medical care might be at risk of harm due to medication error by care givers (Berntsen, 2004). The researchers conclude by saying that education in nursing need to address ways to facilitate safe administration of medication.Literature ReviewIn any research, the literature review is usually the longest and its objective is to explain what other studies conducted in the past have identified. By going through the studies of other people in a chosen area, a researcher is able to determine and present to readers a justification of conducting a research by showing what has not been explored in the past. Therefore, by reviewing literature, one is able to identify gap in knowledge (Wolery & Lane, 2009).In this article, the researchers confirm that there is limited information on the subject of medication administration by undergraduate nursing students in off-campus settings. They also state that their findings will provide a way of new idea that focus on this problem as well as other medication errors. As a result of this, the article provides a new stream of research. This study is based on grounded theory and therefore it has no review of the literature in the area of study before collection of data. The basis of this is to avoid bias in developing concepts and ideas from data that is basically fit. In grounded theory researches, researchers collect data first before looking at available literature. When analysing the data, the groun...

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