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Critical Book Review: Beyond Sovereignt


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Critical Book Review: Beyond Sovereignt

Critical Book Review: Beyond Sovereignt


Please follow instructions and grading rubric very thoroughly and carefully. Make sure this assignment has an Introduction, Summary, Critique and Evaluation, Application, Policy Review, and Conclusion. Must be formatted in (strict) current Turabian style (guidelines) and include a title and a bibliography page. Make sure to include (correct) page numbers for citations/references. NO PLAGIARISM as I will check if it is OR not. DO NOT COPY REVIEWS THAT YOU FIND ONLINE; THOSE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE (as I will check if the critical book review is copy from other sources or not). THIS MUST BE AN ORIGINAL, CUSTOM written book review. This means, you must read the whole book, then write the book review from what you read; basically, your perspective. Remember, this is a graduate (Master’s) level assignment, so make sure that it is – Graduate level academic writing on this assignment is very important. AGAIN, PLEASE REVIEW THE UPLOADED FILES THAT IS FULL OF INSTRUCTIONS AND THE GRADING RUBRIC.


652: Critical Book Review (Beyond Sovereignty) Name: Subject: Date of Submission Introduction Different scholars hold different opinions on the benefits and shortcomings of globalization. This fact can be supported by reviewing a publication, by Cusimano (2011), titled “Beyond Sovereignty issues for a global agenda.” Crucial to the discussion is the fact that the author defines globalization as the interdependent and fast spread of open economy, open society, and open technological infrastructures. Further, the author defines a sovereign country as a globally distinguished entity of political authority around specified borders. The book discusses global issues such as poverty, terrorism, and technology. Additionally, the author discusses how topics such as intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, multinational corporations, terrorism, international crime, and religion relate to globalization and sovereignty. It is notable that the book discusses globalization, but unlike most publications, the author relates theoretical and practical aspects of globalization effectively.[Maryann, Cusimano L. Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda. Boston, NY: Wadsworth, 2011. pp.1.] [Maryann, Cusimano L. Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda. Boston, NY: Wadsworth, 2011. pp.3.] [Maryann, Cusimano L. Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda. Boston, NY: Wadsworth, 2011. pp.4.] Summary The book introduces the subje...

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