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Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper

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Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper

Further Guidance Regarding Doing a Journal Paper Critique


Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper- You will choose a journal paper published in the last 5 years on any topic relevant to the module. It cannot be a review article. You will then write a critical appraisal in no more than 4 sides of A4, answering the following:

When you are summarising the research paper, you need to address the following questions:

  1. Is the background evidence sufficient and appropriately cited with references?
  2. What questions does the paper address?
  3. What are the main conclusions from the paper and what are the experimental evidence that support these conclusions?
  4. Do the data actually support the conclusions?
  5. Are there any issues related to the experimental design?
  6. Is there a need for this work? Is it a duplication of previous work?
  7. Is the hypothesis valid or not?
  8. Are the results presented appropriately?
  9. Have the correct statistical analysis been used?
  10. How significant are these findings?
  11. How well is the paper written (grammar, punctuations, spelling, easy to follow)?
  12. How do you think the study could have been improved?

In answering these questions, you could use the main headings of the paper, Journal of Physiology- Abstract, intro, methods, results, discussion, references - You will be marked based on the depth of exploration of these questions.

Journal resources that can be used:

1.Physiological Reviews 2. Journal of Applied Physiology 3. Journal of Physiology 4. Annual Review of Physiology 5. Annual Review of Medicine 6. Scientific American 7. New England Journal of Medicine 8. BMJ

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Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper
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