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Create a Dialect Questionnaire


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Create a Dialect Questionnaire

Step 1: Create a Dialect Questionnaire • Your questionnaire should include 10 linguistic questions. • You can invent your own questions, or re-use questions from previous studies. • Questions can be open-ended or multiple choice; and can ask about lexical, phonological, or grammatical features; or sayings and expressions. Whatever interests you. • In addition, your questionnaire should include demographic questions to cover any social factors that might be relevant (e.g. age, region, etc.) to explain your results. Step 2: Collect Data • Administer your questionnaire to between 5 and 10 people. • You can do this in person or over the internet, etc — but be consistent in your method. • Try to choose your participants carefully to reflect the demographics that you want to study. • You can focus on one region of Canada; several regions of Canada; Canada vs. nonCanadian English — in this case, at least half your participants should be native speakers of Canadian English. • Your participants should be anonymous; give each participant an ID number. Step 3: Analyze Your Data • Look at the data you’ve collected and search for patterns or any other interesting results. • Compare your results to those of previous studies, if applicable. Step 4: Write Your Report • Your report should include the following sections: • Introduction: describe the focus of your questionnaire/research project • Data & Methodology: describe the questions you asked; and why; as well as the characteristics of your participants (e.g. how many in each category) • Results & Discussion: what did you find; what do you think your results mean? How do they compare to results of previous studies, if relevant? • You do not have to discuss the results to every question in detail; choose the most interesting results to focus on if you have too much data. • Conclusion

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