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Cover letter


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Cover letter

Cover letter


According to SKILL MATRIX, JOB posting and resume, write a one page long cover letter. over letters should have the following pieces:a relevant and engaging introduction; a paragraph (or several bullet-points) where you match your skills to the needs of the position;a section where you demonstrate great research about the company and its industry(ies);a thank you to the employer and discuss next steps, such as a meeting or interview.

Mr. David FierroPhotographerNovember 15th 2013Fierro PhotographyVancouver, British Colombia v5y1l6RE: Internship.Dear Mr. Fierro,Your commitment to providing the highest quality photographic images to the advertising, commercial art community and specialization in fashion product and editorial photography is very remarkable together with your recent expansion of your business that includes the West 7 studios, one of the largest and most progressive photographic studios in Vancouver is very impressing and I would like to be part of your team. Please accept my enthusiastic interest in the above position in your company. I am an active member of UBC Finance club, which is known for its portfolio of premier annual events. I have covered many events via photography.I have also conducted industrial research on Fierro photography and mastered your products such as your fashion portfolio, look books, product portfolio, and BTS videos. I must say your products are admirable. The skills I have ac...

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