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Continuing the war in afganistan


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Continuing the war in afganistan

Continuing the war in afganistan

its a paper about continuing the war in afganistan and i am supposed to be arguing the for the continuation of the war @
Name Professor Institution Date of submission Continuing war in Afghanistan War on Afghanistan is one of the most controversial affairs of the century. The United States Military, being a superpower and hence vested with the responsibility in ensuring that international security is addressed, have jutted the war. The war is sensitive issues since many allege that whatever efforts seem to keep the situation calm is simply containing the issue. This is simply a short-term remedy, implying that more efforts and concerns needed to be taken a notch higher than it is currently, to ensure that there are better approaches of meeting the current international security requirements. War in Afghanistan needs to be continued so as to bring the on-going security rows to a constant halt. First, continuation of war in Afghanistan is important since its initial aim has not been fully accomplished. Security within the boundaries of Afghanistan is in question following the inability by the country to resolve internal problems. The governance in the country is in jeopardy which means there needs to be an external intervention to resolve the issues. If left unattended, this issue could raise blows and end up interfering peaceful attempts in the Middle East, where despite several attempts to come up with a working, mechanism, constant attacks have always been a drawback in the development process. Security is paramount especially with the current problems across the globe; In essence, it is very possible to come up with viable processes that could trigger the processes that are essentially contributory in the current security breaches (Rubin 126). Threats from atomic bomb operations are also issues that are crucial in the processes that have been employed in the understanding international security issues. Afghanistan`s policies are based on extreme reactions to political incidences. The country lacks regulatory procedures while undertaking state`s duties. War has affected effective processes within Afghanistan due to attacks that neither controlled nor planned. These have resulted in destructions within their own cities. Continuing war on them seems as a viable process within their borders. Attempts to extend similar attacks beyond their bonders are very dangerous processes that may lead to excruciating processes in enhancing a viable process of solving internal or external issues. Secondly, the country has barely healed from previous atrocities that were committed from previous governance. This, essentially, requires continuous monitoring and nurturing of the institutions of governance to an extent that will ensure full political recovery for the company. Afghanistan is of the countries that are lacking sound structures of governance. There has been very many problems within the country and many injustices have been committed for the citizens and even to external bodi...

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