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Contemporary Migration in Global Perspective


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Contemporary Migration in Global Perspective

Migration is among the most contentious and emotive subject in contemporary British society, and in Europe as a whole. While global migration rates have remained relatively stable over the past half a century, migration has become increasingly politicized. States are increasingly seeking to control borders and regulate international migration, conceived as a matter of national and regional security. At the same time, international human rights conventions set obligations to protect and assist refugees, and the free movement of labor within the EU has been seen as central to the creation of a more integrated Europe.


The course takes an international approach to borders and (im)mobilities, as large-scale movements of people arise from processes of regional, European and global integration. Drawing from sociological, social-anthropological and policy debates, we will primarily focus on migration to and from the UK and Scotland, but frame this within the broader context of `fortress Europe` as a migration system. We will also try to understand how the UK compares with other European states in terms of the geography and history of its migration flows and its migration policies.

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