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Consumer Demand


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Consumer Demand


ENGD5103 Assignment 1


Title: Consumer Demand            (Total Marks 20)




Part 1


A marketing manager at the Ford Motor Company in Belgium is preparing a briefing on consumer demand for a new model to be sold mainly in other parts of Europe. Consider the issues that this briefing should contain


                                                                                                                        14 Marks


Part 2


Draw what you consider may be the demand curve for this new Ford model in, say, the United Kingdom. Illustrate the effect of


(a)    A fall in the sterling euro exchange rate,

(b)   An increase in the price of Honda cars made in the UK


 6 Marks


For Part 1

Individuals are required to prepare a set of relevant graphs and discuss the issues the marketing manager will be  need to present  in his briefing for the new model.


For Part 2

Individuals are required to prepare a demand curve showing clearly the effects of (a) and (b).


Report: Maximum number of pages 10


One individual assignment report needs to be submitted by 2 pm 15th November 2016. Individual should hand the report to the Faculty of Technology Advice Centre in Gateway House 0.4a. The report should be addressed to your tutor Prof U Singh. The individual should keep a copy of the report and a copy of the receipt as proof of submission.


Marks will be deducted for late submission. 

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