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Consumer Behaviour Case Study


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Consumer Behaviour Case Study

Trends in gym usage in the UK



1)   Discuss the process on how ‘working out in gyms’ becomes a popular culture. [15] How has the emergence of this new popular culture impacted public’s views on health and gym use (discuss this from the perspectives of gender and age as sub-cultures)? [10]


2)   Discuss the role of family and friends [10] and public, media and celebrity [15] reference groups in the socialisation of trends in gym usage.


3)   Discuss how self-concept plays role into the consumption of gym usage [15], and what values are likely to be relevant in understanding the consumer attitudes and behaviour of the gym goers in this case study [10]? 


4)   Using the concept of motivation (with reference to needs and wants), explore the motivations of those using gyms and gym products [15]. What information search strategies do they go through when choosing and making a decision to join a gym? [10]

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