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Consultancy report on social media for business for estate agent


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Consultancy report on social media for business for estate agent

In this paper, you are supposed to provide a report assuming that you are an external consultant for Estate Agent. Your topic must be about the adopting and existing use of social media in your sector, you are required to include the existing and potential various technologies and their application of social media. Furthermore, you are required to recommend a comprehensive social media strategy.    




You are to assume the role of an external consultant for ESTATE AGENT. You will need to research thoroughly the adoption of social media within your allocated field in order to determine how it has transformed the way organisations within your sector interact with their stakeholders, that is, their employees, partners, customers/clients, suppliers and other parties.

The result of your research will be a consultancy report that investigates the adoption and use of social media and social networks in your allocated sector and recommends a comprehensive social media strategy.

Your report should include in-depth literature review on the adoption and existing use of social digital technologies in your sector. Your research should include a wide variety of social media technologies and their application, or potential application in your sector. The report should identify the business drivers involved in the adoption/use of social media platforms; explore their benefits and opportunities; outline potential obstacles and adoption issues, both internally and externally; cover impact analysis and explore metrics and their implementation; provide supporting evidence and justification, including audience needs, innovation issues and the role of user generated content. 



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