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Consideration for Acceptance


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Consideration for Acceptance

Consideration for Acceptance


I am applying for the respiratory care program at the victoria college. I need a one-page typewritten essay as to why I should be considered for acceptance into the program. I am not a young person right out of high school so please keep that in mind when writing.

Admission LetterName:Institution: Having normal breath, one does not notice how difficult it can get until they are out of breath. Being in a position to help patients with their respiratory conditions has always been part of my dream career and passion. For the patient, it is enough that they are having health problem with other parts of their body, loosing the ability to control their respiratory system is an added complication that can turn fatal.I have a great passion for working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, and above all, I have the ability to learn fast and apply knowledge acquired professionally. One of the core requirements of the program is that, one should have the ability to wa...

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