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Consent and Research


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Consent and Research

Consent and Research

Session Long Project: The Ultimate Goal of the Session Long Project is to identify and evaluate the ethical principles used in resolving ethical dilemmas, and to apply the principles to specific ethical issues that may have professional, sociological, economic, and legal or political implications. Task Select a national (government) healthcare agency and discuss the ethical practices that it applies to experimentation and research. Assignment expectations for module 5: 1. Identify the practice along with a companion theory. 2. Are these practices enough to ensure safe and ethical research? If not what should be added to them? 3. Limit your responses to a maximum of three pages, not including title and reference pages. 4. Be sure to provide scholarly support for your discussion. 5. Several (3-5) scholarly references should be cited for this assignment. Be sure to properly cite all references. 6. Apply critical thinking skills within the write-up for this assignment. I will grade your paper on your ability to address the assignment criteria listed above with depth and breadth of discussion. I will also critique your writing format (i.e. proper reference citations, spacing, etc.).
Consent and Research Name: Institution: Consent and Research Medicare is a national social insurance program that offers health insurance to persons aged 65 and above and young people with disabilities or terminal diseases. The agency offers medical services under designated sections including outpatient prescription drugs depending on the health condition of the individual. Currently, the agency offers medical cover to about 40 million Americans aged 65 years and above and about 8 million young people with disabilities. The agency provides medical cover through various healthcare units across the US and but also owns some of the healthcare facilities. Healthcare providers encounter different ethical issues, some of which puts the medical practitioners in dilemma. The agency has encount...

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