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Condolence letter and request to donate


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Condolence letter and request to donate

Condolence letter and request to donate

In Toronto on September 15, 2012 a friend had lost his life in trying to prevent a person who just fuelled up his car from driving away... I have met with the family and was heart broken... I have been with Exxon here in Ontario for 20 years and was moved by the sadness of the family. I need a one pager to ask my fellow ESSO coolegues and Managers to help donate.. please do a quick read on the events of that day ... The trust fund is Jayesh Prajapati In Trust CIBC 89 Humber College Blvd Transit #01122---Account #8220433----010.. I need this letter to be done urgent .. I ask it to be professional and you include some of Jayesh when you read on the individual.. There is to be a private members bill which will force the Oil Companies to create a PrePay policy
Condolence Letter and Request to DonateName:Course:Instructor:Date:Condolence Letter and Request to DonateDeath has taken one of our beloved brother and friend. On the 15 September 2012, we lost Jayesh Prajapati in a freak accident. The events leading up to the accident still remain a mystery. However, preliminary investigations suggest that there was a fault at the fuelling station. My heart goes out to his family during these trying times asking for your support as we lay him to rest.It was an enormous tragedy and loss to both the family and the company. I have worked wi...

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