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[Solved] Conceptions of order and social divisions

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[Solved] Conceptions of order and social divisions

Conceptions of order and social divisions

Hello, ok this order is not an ESSAY. This is just like the last order you have written, Basic rules, Read the articles and the book and the write down AUTHORS THESIS and SOMETHING YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH IN THE BOOK OR THE ARTICLE. The instructions are pretty easy and straight forward. I am going to attach 1 pdf file and there are 3 readings you need to read on the book " Theories of Social Order" Each Reading on the book is about 4 pages and other one is about 10 pages. I want you to write down, each authors main thesis of readings. there are 3 readings: one is " The Arrangement Between The Sexes " and other one is "The Attainment of Social Order in Heterogeneous Societies" and the PDF FILE I WILL ATTACH IS " Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness" So for each readings, write down Authors main thesis and An idea from the reading that you strongly agree or disagree with. Note: Each answer should be maximum of 140 characters so that`s about one sentence and half. I will be expecting 2 replies for each readings and there are 3 readings, so 6 replies in total. I will go ahead and upload the templates for each that you need to complete. The only problem i faced is that i`m not able to find the book online... So i have to scan the 14 pages and upload it for you.. The reading "The Arrangement Between The Sexes." is on Theories of Social Order and the Pages are from 210-221 The other reading " The Attainment of Social Order in Heterogeneous Societies" is again on Theories of Social Order and the pages are from 290-294 The last one is the article which i will upload the pdf , which you will have to read all of it. The last order i made with you, i found it a little bit difficult to explain all this but since you know what i want then please do the same thing for this order. BUT BEFORE ANYTHING. I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME A FULL THESIS AND A FULL AGREEMENT OR DISAGREEMENT FIRST. THEN SHORT that to 140 CHARACTERS.. So i can keep the full paragraph THESIS for my self in future. SO if this is not clear, please let me know.
Seminar 10: Reading ResponsesName:Institution: Reading Log 1:Goffman, Erving. "The Arrangement Between The Sexes." Theories of Social Order: A Reader. 2nd ed. Ed.MichaelHechter and Christine Horne. 1977. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009. 210-221. Print.Authors Main Thesis: The author notes that biological differences like gender determine the roles that society assigns male and female members. However, the way these biological differences are used to assign gender roles and legitimize the patriarchal oppression of women and male dominance in society. An idea from the reading that I strongly agree with: The assignation of gender roles (such as relegating women to domestic roles) is a function of social conditioning and learning, which do not take into account individual abilities. These subtle forms of gender discrimination spill over to the corporate sector, where women are denied equal leadership and career advancement opportunities.Reading Log 2:Hechter, Michael, Deb...

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[Solved] Conceptions of order and social divisions [Solved] Conceptions of order and social divisions
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