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Computer Fraud : Adware


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Computer Fraud : Adware

Computer Fraud : Adware

This is part of a group research paper titled "Computer Fraud". I need 1-2 pages on the subject of Adware. What is it? How it occurs? and how it is prevented. 1 Scholarly source required. If you can`t find a scholary journal a reputable business journal would be accepted. This is a class on accounting information systems.
Computer Fraud: Adware Name: Course Title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: Computer Fraud: Adware Computer fraud is a major problem that many organizations, businesses as well as individuals face every day. Due to the internet`s extensive coverage, some individuals use it to obtain personal information of others and critical data of businesses and organizations illegally. This paper is focused on discussing “adware”, one of the many methods used to commit computer fraud, and the measures that should be put in place to prevent one from falling into the hands of computer and or internet fraudsters. Definition According to Elgin (2004), Adware is a form of computer software that displays advertisements in the form of pop-ups on computers when connected to the internet. Elgin adds that the malicious Adware soft...

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