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Composer John Williams


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Composer John Williams

Composer John Williams

OUTLINE about : (composer John Williams Presentation ) In the outlines I will be looking for enough detail to cover the time allotted, evidence of a thorough critique of a single work by the artist, use of appropriate terminology, and evidence of appropriate research. This process allows for feedback before you finalize your presentation and i will make the whole presentation with you guys later , but now i just need the outlines ,, soo if you do not mind letting the writer who gonna do this one , to do for me the presentation later , coz it`s related to it , or providing his name so that i could ask about him
COMPOSER JOHN WILLIAMSName:Course:Professor name:(November 01, 2012) Oral Presentation OutlineCOMPOSER JOHN WILLIAMSI. The BasicsA. Birth name: John Towner Williams 1. Birth date: 8th February 19322. Birth place: Long Island; New YorkII. Genre or artistic mediumA. Film score, contemporary classical music, jazz1. Boston Pop Orchestra Group from 1980 till 19932. Concert compositions such as symphonies in the Dale Clevenger and Michele Zukovsky concerts3. Recognized for the NBC News theme and his 4. Compositions for the Olympic GamesIII. Critique of Composer John Willia...

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